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2012 here we come!!!! 

So this weekend the first event in the official qualification period for the London 2012 will be held, this is it, the big one!

The games start now for the Judoka of the world, from this weekend every result matters. Every point gained is another point towards being on the mat at the biggest Judo event the UK will probably ever see!

Now the rest of this post is political in nature, so turn off your eyes now if you don't want to hear my rant!



I live in the UK, I am a member of the BJA and I care about how British Judo does in 2012. The BJA has a big budget for this Olympics, huge by comparison to my native New Zelaland. There are 18 staff listed on the BJA's High Performance website including two of Britain's female World Champions (Jane Bridge and Kate Howey). They have a stunning dojo and all the rest.

The elephant in the room however is the level of disquiet in the BJA.

I, for example, have been a vocal critic of the BJA. I have asked questions publically about the past performances and the direction of the performance programme in British Judo. I have complained regularly about the BJA's approach to IT and the web in particular. And area they don't understand and are stumbling regularly in.

However, despite what some people think, I am a HUGE supporter of the BJA. That is why I have always voiced my concerns, because I support the idea of the BJA and want the organization to succeed.

So why do I bring this up?

I mention it, because this weekend is the "point of no return" for British Judo. Qualification begins and all bets are final. It is too late for the BJA to change direction, this is the situation and the opportunity to make changes is gone.

And it may also be a good thing.

Now that we are committed to this direction, the rank and file of the BJA need to forget the past and commit to the path chosen. The time is past to debate the direction and the time is past to suggest changes.

What "we" need to do is get 100% behind the BJPI programme and try and help each and every athlete in what ever little ways we might be able to.

Now, some might see what I am writing today and say it is contrary to what I have said in the past. And this is true. I am contradicting what I've written as I'd have liked to seen change... past tense.

Now, the reason I wrote the critiques in the past and that I write this post today is the same... I care about the athletes and what they are trying to achieve. I've not felt that the system is right, but as I have said above, the die is cast and now there is no point trying to make change, now we support what is there and the athletes who are the ones that matter!

So what should "we" do and what shall I be doing.

As of right now, the only thing that matters is the athletes.

Perhaps you and your club can adopt a player? You can write to them c are of the BJPI and say that you are supporting them. When they compete you can care about the result and put the wins on the noticeboard at the dojo. Put up pictures, posters.Maybe take a group of people to competitions and make as much noise as possible when your chosen player fights.

Perhaps this support might lead to a wealthy parent in your club donating to the cause. Maybe someone in your dojo has a skillset that the athlete needs? For example, maybe your athlete needs say... a website ;) and maybe someone within your club could help?

Maybe over the next two years you will build a relationship with the athlete your club has chosen. Maybe when that player is feeling the pressure of the struggle to be an Olympian they might think of all the members of your club and find it helps.

Maybe, you and your club could attend BJPI randori session regularly.

Maybe, you and your club could write to the BJPI and pledge your support and ask them how you can lend your support?

Me... well time will tell, I am starting with this blog post. I am publicly restating that I support the BJPI athletes. That should they need some "geek" stuff, I am happy to help. I've offered in the past and continue to offer to help, we have from now till 2012 to cover a huge amount of progress, and if some geek help from me makes that journey easier for a single athlete; then I am there!!

I've met some of the Olympic hopefuls, British and otherwise. I hope they knew it already, but in case they didn't... I support them 100%.

And so should you!


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