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World Masters Training, Week Summary 4/46.  

Hi all, well I must be in training as I'm injured! :(
More on that later, a odd week, not entirely as I planned it, and up to today it was going pretty well.

Judo at Paul Jones' in Basingstoke.
A nice solid session, enjoyed myself. The nice thing about this session for me is that the senior men are all pretty large, but the grades are pretty low. So for someone doing what I term "remedial Judo" it is ideal, good physically and yet I am not getting slammed too often.

Running 45 mins.
Still doing the Jeff Galloway 4/1 Run/walk programme. It was a pretty decent run, felt good all the way around. It's getting pretty cold and dark out there by the time I get out (8pm ish), I may have to consider morning runs (shudder).

Judo, HMS Sultan.
Enjoyed this session, did mainly Kumi Kata (Grips) with one other guy. He is fit and a former boxer who is now doing MMA. So there is lots of strength there to work against. The speed he adjusts is great, so it started pretty light and then cranked up through the gears quite nicely.

Okay... excuses time.
I got back late and was feeling knackered (see below) so I skipped my run.

I meant to catch up today. In effect switching my Friday rest day to Thursday... unfortunately I slacked off again.

1) Run, I did 5.46 miles first thing.
2) Judo, the rest of the day was taken up with attending sessions at HMS Collingwood, morning and afternoon. By late in the day I was struggling due to injury though. Good to spend that much time on a mat though, my Gi is/was soaked!

Nope... I am writing this on Saturday night, but my injured neck (see below) is going to mean no training on Sunday.

Okay... so I am injured.
I have hurt my neck today mucking about at Judo, it's not even an honourable injury sustained in battle. I was just mucking about and have twisted it wrong. It was okay at first, but has stiffened up nicely and now I can barely turn it left without bringing tears to my eyes. :(

This week, I have learned an important lesson, I needto get to bed earlier. Looking back at this week I see 5 consecutive late nights, which lead to the slacking off later in the week, and probably to me being wesk in the neck department today.

A right shame, but the whole point of this training and in particular blogging about my training is to revisit bing "an athlete" and learn by doing.

I have read articles and heard anecdotes about how athletes often don't rest properly. Both in terms of too much training too close together, but also plain old fashioned sleep.

This week, I made that mistake and paid the price later in the week, and arguably today hurting my neck!

The thing is you know you should sleep, but life gets in the way. The next day you don't feel too bad, heck even after a couple of days I felt okay. But come Thursday evening I was shot! I did nothing, and yet, ended up staying up later than I should again. It;s so easy to do, there is blogs to read and write, TV shows to watch, family to be with, sleep is the easiest (and last thing in the day) thing to cut down on.

But, it's a false economy. By the end of the week I was knackered and missed 1-2 sessions. Then if you factor in tiredness into my neck injury, you can say I may have lost many many sessions.

I'd like to know how many athletes have similar tales, if they are aware of how much sleep they need and how much they are getting in each week.

So, lots of pain, but I feel happy at least that it made this post have a point. That it's reminded me as a person and as a coach that being aware of the rest players are getting is as important as knowing how much training they are doing.

Hopefully my neck will feel better after a good nights sleep! :)

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