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World Masters Training, Week Summary 14/46.  

This week I have had a pretty good week, with some "dips".
Monday I headed along to Paul Jones' session, which I love attending. The club has a very close family feel which I feel very welcome in.

Tuesday, I headed out for an evening run, 4 miles, 45 minutes.
I probably shouldn't have gone for the run and my left leg in particular became quite sore early on and felt rather weak afterwards (and sore).

Wednesday was a rest day.

Thursday I went to Gosport Judo club and enjoyed myself, with the exception of catching a knee to the shin of my left leg (which was sore from Tuesday). OUCH!
Mick changed the format of the session a bit and we did quite a bit of Uchi Komi in threes, running from one partner to the other. It was pretty long and intense so physically challenging, just what my unfit body needs! :)

Friday I did nothing.
Saturday, I have been for a five mile run (58 minutes). My left leg held up pretty well, except for about half way where there is a slow bit/rest. My left leg was really weak and felt like it might collapse. I picked up the pace in the next interval in the session and everything was okay but it was a bit scary.

Sunday I'll be resting.

In the past few of weeks, I have been noticing the lack of throwing in my Judo and that of those I train with/around. As some will know, I trained in Japan when I was younger (over a decade ago) and there all I saw and felt was people being thrown all the time.

Here I see lots (way too much often) grip fighting, followed by some half hearted attacks, but very little full attacks or throws.

Now, I am as bad as anyone else I might be insulting here, probably worse as I have a "poachers" style. I tend to foot sweep people who give me an opportunity through error. Of course this means I tend to plod about on the mat waiting for them to do something first.

What I have been observing though is that people don't try to throw enough, and I suspect it is affecting their development. Players practice a lot of their gripping and less of their turning in for attacks, but if you were to count the time spent on all the training you I think would find that genuine attacks and actual throws are a tiny minority of the time spent in training.

Given that a vast majority of our time is NOT spent on throwing, it is hardly surprising that we struggle to throw people. I know I am trying to increase the number of quality attacks I make in a session and want to try make all my attacks actual throws; as in throws that end up with my partner on the floor.

What have others observed, what would be the percentages in your training sessions?

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