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The "Devil Run" 

Hi all, well 33 days till the World Masters and my training is going strong (this week anyway).

Last night I went up to Reading and trained with Dave and the guys again.
The exciting finale to the Tuesday session in Reading is what has been dubbed "The Devil Run" The run, is basically uchi komi plus running. And it kills!

What Dave does is setup a normal mat area, then lay a couple of "lanes" of mats laid lengthwise extending from the edge of the main area to the far wall of the hall. We then do say 20 uchi komi (I started with Ippon Seoi Nage) then you run to the end of the lane and back 5 or so times, give or take Dave's sadistic leanings.
Then you do more uchi Komi, this time I got Te Gurumu. So yup lift that 90kg bloke, put him down and repeat till Dave gets bored and sends you running again.

Once you have done some more running, yup more uchi komi (more seoi nage for me thanks), then more running, them more Te Guruma, then more running.

We only did one set of this, this week. We did two sets last week, but I think Dave took pity on me. Probably he took pity on everyone elses eardrums as I was screaming loud to get those pickups done. I don't think anyone else makes as much noise as me... it's probably embarrassing if I think about it long enough.

Anyway, thanks to Dave and the guys for working me hard. It exactly what I need building up to the World Masters. I am building the ability to fight fatigued and hopefully improving the time it takes for me to be fatigued too. ;-)


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