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University of Bath, Judo BSc. Block 2, Day 2.  

Hi everyone, well I am posting this a little late due to problems with my laptop, note to self: Do not install Sophos on my laptop again. Anyway... so here is a quick summary of what we did on the second day here on the BSc course.

The day started with Patrick Roux covering an Introduction to Managing Information, where he covered the assessment assignment. This was followed by Mike Callan talking about Managing Performance and strategies to develop structures for elite performance.

After lunch Mike Callan gave us a lecture on doing our methodology report for our Research method. We went through a variety of methodology sections of some academic papers, helped quite a lot in getting a handle on what the assignment we have to do should contain.

After a short break we had a really interesting keynote lecture by Jean Fournier on mental preparation. It was quite heavy going in spots, but fascinating! Really interesting how important mental preparation and yet it is not part of any coaching system I am aware of in Judo. Jean showed a couple of really great applications Junior Judoka which highlighted that including mental skills in a Judo syllabus would not necessarily be difficult.

One physical exercise for relaxation and/or activation was the "Spaghetti game". basically this is where you would get kids to tense say their arm, so it is entirely rigid. Like dry spaghetti. Then get them to make their arms go relaxed and floppy like wet/cooked spaghetti.

The other exercise that I really liked was the idea of incorporating mental rehearsal/imagery training into standard Uchi Komi. The class does say a set of 5 uchi komi then they do a 6th uchi komi in their heads.
Such a simple yet effective way getting them started on the mental preparation.

One of the things Jean mentioned was that like anything in Judo, mental skills need to be practised BEFORE the event. I extrapolate that to say that like throws, people could/should be starting of doing mental preparation early on (as kids or yellow belts).

Anyway... last of all we got our grades back from the April block.
They were okay, I am quite happy that the Literature review got both a good grade and good comments. Fills me with a little more confidence writing the methodology that I have an idea of what I am doing. the other assignments were either about what I had hoped for or in fact higher, so I am pretty happy. :-)

Anyway, I am actually typing this on day three, and I should be working on assignments right now, so I had better go...

Oh P.S. I have added Keith Morgan's Quest for Gold blog to the feed after AnnMaria De Mars blogged about it.
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