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More thoughts on an Open Source Judo system. 

here are some more thoughts on what I think would be a brilliant project, an Open Source Judo software package.

Platform: Web based, with formatting for iPhone/Mobile.

. Members DB
. Class register
. Fees
. Contest management, entries etc.
. Contest scoreboard
. Contest draws
. Contest results
. Coaching programme management (Class plans etc)
. Athlete programme management (Periodisation, testing, etc)
. Grading records
. Syllabus management
. Communication. Newsletters, PR, social networking etc
. Rankings
. Calendar management
. Grading management
. Certification management (coaches, officials etc).
. Education - provide tools to teach for certifications, classes etc.

. PHP (it is the "working mans" language) large developer base.
. CakePHP - Good solid MVC Framework.
. MySQL or XML. how to store the data and at what cost? Avoiding a DB "might" improve portability??
. OAuth - For authentication between installs
. XML - Data transfers, Data exprts, etc.

. OPEN - Open Source, so we can leverage a large pool of talent and it can benefit all Judoka. Also open standards so XML, JSON, RSS, etc.
. Federated - Make it possible/easy to share data between isstallation where relevant
. Secure/Private - Ensure all sharing/federating is done securely and that the users know its being shared and control it.
. Modular - Make a core and then create modules. So a club will have a set of modules, a tournament a different set, NGB another.
. Multi-lingual - Judo is a global sport so we need to support languages from the start.

As it seems to me, the idea would be to build a core system, that allows modules to be simply added and removed via the system. Federation and user management would be in the core app. Functionality pertaining to the activities of a club, player, coach, NGB, tournament organiser would be included in modules.

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