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European Judo Union Advanced Coach Award Level 3  

Hello Everyone,

this post is a promo for the European Judo Union Level 3 Advanced Coach Award course you can do via the University of Bath.

As regular readers will know, I completed the EJU Level 4 course and am reaching the end of the BSc/Level 5 course at the moment. As such, I know what the value of the courses being offered in Bath are. I am really excited by this Level 3 course!

Unlike the course I have done, which were residential (4 weeks a year), the level three is being done via "Distance Learning" and as such is available to virtually anyone, worldwide!

I am fortunate that I have been invited to assist the programme as a tutor. Which I am really pleased to be given the opportunity to help with. I hope that my internet geekness will be helpful on the course. I suspect I shall be quite involved in helping the course students interact via the internet.
I really hope that the students on the Level 3 gain the connections with other coaches that the courses I have attended have given me.

The course consists of the following modules:

Module 1

Principles of Coaching Gokyo

Module Convenor:
Mr Patrick Roux

  • To understand and be able to identify the key teaching points of techniques from the Kodokan Gokyo.
  • To understand the principles of Grip entry: kuzushi, tsukuri, kake, renzokuwaza, renrakuwaza (technical/tactical system).
  • To understand the principles of Osaekomiwaza, shimewaza and kansetsuwaza (technical/tactical system).

Module 2

Planning and Physiology

Module Convenor:
Mr Jürgen Klinger

  • To understand the long term development of the judo player.
  • To understand the creation of session plans, with respect to goal setting, and player profiling.
  • To understand the fundamental components and physical factors required for judo, as a complex sport.


Module 3

Culture of Judo (Ethics, Safety and Etiquette)

Module Convenor:
Mrs Jane Bridge-Charlot

  • To understand the ethical principles of Olympism and judo.
  • To explain to candidates individual coaching philosophy.
  • To understand the specific safety issues of judo.

Module 4

History and Development of Judo

Module Convenor:
Mr Mike Callan

  • To describe the evolution of competition judo.
  • To describe the historical development of judo, pre-Kano, during Kano’s life, post-Kano.

Module 5


Module Convenor:
Mr Patrick Roux

  • To understand the role of the coach.
  • To be able to analyse and communicate in relation to specific situations.
  • To understand and analyse the coach-athlete relationship process, identifying issues and suggesting solutions.
  • To understand the principles of communication (Clear message, efficient emitters & receptors).
  • To be able to effectively communicate with the player specific objectives.

Module 6

Competitive Judo

Module Convenor:
Mrs Jane Bridge-Charlot

  • To be able to identify & coach effective competition techniques.
  • To understand the duties & skills of a coach at a competition (including weight management).
  • To be able to transfer of judo principles into an applied competitive situation.
  • To recognise different judo styles.

The modules give a good broad engagement with Judo coaching. At first I questioned the inclusion of the Go Kyo module. After all at level three the coaches should be quite knowledgable right?
But after some thought I think it is a very good idea to include it. It will mean that everyone who graduates the course will have a equal footing on the technical elements of the Go Kyo. There will be a shared knowledge between the coaches, a standard that they all share.

The other modules are all pretty self explanatory and provide a good platform for coaching and also to begin the Level 4 once completed. I wish I had had the chance to do the EJU Level 4 course before the Level 4 (It didn't exist then). The reason I say that is that I think having the background/base knowledge of the Level 3 and some experience at assignment preparation etc would have meant my progression through the Level 4 would have been easier and my grades higher. :-)

The fees for the course are pretty darn good, 65 GBP per module. Except for the final residential module which is 150GBP. For what the course offers I think its very reasonable, even if your currency is not as strong as the British pound.

I know there are students enrolled now, but there are spaces for more people.

I strongly STRONGLY recommend doing this course, to get more information look at the course website ( ), where you can learn about the world class lecturers and also download an application form ( ... 20Form.doc ).

No doubt before you sign up, you'll have questions. Diego Scardone is the administrator for the Level Three course. So fire any questions at him ( ).

Of course you can ask me too.


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