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T-15 till World Judo Masters 2008 (Brussels). 

Hi All, well this week has been pretty good as I close out towards the masters. As my previous post said, I trained on Monday in Bath, excellent stuff, I am very pleased I went.

Tuesday, I went up to University of Reading again, for a tough ol' session with Dave. Small number of lads working hard. No Devil Run this week, but lots of pressure work, the classic 1 minute of all out attack by one player while the other defends, interspersed with pushups just to make sure you are knackered.

Wednesday, rest.

Thursday, down to Gosport Judo Kwai which was pretty fun. I was pretty knackered but survived.

Friday & Saturday, rest.

Sunday, I popped down to Eastleigh Judokwai and took a light session there.


So that was the week that was.
Sadly, as my previous post might have hinted towards, Mondays session in Bath on Monday was pretty heavy... which was cool! However, I took a knock or two, specifically I got a awesome bruise on might right shin. from just below the knee to the ankle! Tuesday, I got a heel to the same shin/calf, dead legged! :-(
By Wednesday the black was down below the medial malleolus (pointy bit) so Mark lent me a shin pad on Thursday and that helped prevent anyone else cracking it again! :-)

In other topics, I got a design for the TeamNZjudo T-Shirts through from Mike over at which I really like. We've put some designs together for shirts Jackets etc. Should be able to post on the site early next week and also get some kit through in time for the trip... I hope!

Anyway, 15 days to the event, so two weeks hard training to go, looking forward to the taper period just before the event.

Till next time, head over to and click on Donate would ya?

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Hi everyone, if you have been visiting recently you will have noticed that it has been VERY slow in responding/loading. This is due to the caching mechanism that pulls all the various site feeds together, basically it is not caching properly, and was pulling all the data from all 50+ sites everytime someone hit the site!

I have now created a quick hack to improve this, by scripting updates seperately.
What this means is that the site should load much MUCH faster from now on! Hopefully I shall be able to resolve the issue with the caching and then I won't need this work around.

The site now has 55 feeds, the latest one being the TA Judo Blog. The blog is covering their training at the University of Bath this week and next, and I added the RSS feed this morning, so check it out!

Please give me your feedback and PLEASE do let me know of any site feeds that I have not got on PlanetJudo already.

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T-20 till 2008 Judo World Masters. 

Something I read recently stated that you should exercise on a Monday. Mainly they were talking about how starting Monday as you'd like to proceed helps ensre you do what you should during the week.

Well, will Brussels quickly approaching, I took that to heart and drove over to University of Bath for the Monday night Randori. It started with a small warm up and then some ne-waza uchi komi followed by a little ne-waza randori.

There was some standing uchi komi and combinations work before the real order of business, the Randori, began in earnest.

I started and ended the night with Emmanuel Narty, which was a foolish and unwise decision!

Manny, is one of the fulltime athletes there at TeamBath and also a professional soldier. In fact the evening had a decidedly military feel as the British Combined Services Judo Team was there also. I spent some time on the mat with one of their -90kg players and we worked well together and had a good scrap in the Randori too.

The only down side to Bath, except turning purple from the exertion, is that it is a solid two hours away (ignoring the closed A36 road and the motorway offramp at my place being closed too), so it is a late night. :(
Mike, can't you move the City of Bath closer to my house?

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I shall be at the University of Reading Judo club, getting worked hard by Dave again. Wednesday is a light/non-judo day and I'll either sleep or more than likely go into the gym. Thursday is down to Gosport again and Friday shall be the Gym. Staurday is rest and Sunday might be Randori in Eastleigh... maybe.

Three late (like past 12 finishes) there, which is bad, but one thing I have on my side is a pretty strong ability to survive on limited sleep... at least for short periods.

In other news, I shall have to get some work on done sharpish as the performance is rubbish, especially since my quick hack to get the RSS feed updaing again. People keep saying they visit it, and then I have to look sheepish and apologise for the perfomance! So, I have (on the way home from Bath) had a couple of ideas about how to get it performing better and will try and implement them sooner rather than later.

Anyway... 20 days till the world masters and despite having Ghana's finest work me over tonight I am feeling good. He may have killed me, but I was still fighting at the end...just! :-)


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The "Devil Run" 

Hi all, well 33 days till the World Masters and my training is going strong (this week anyway).

Last night I went up to Reading and trained with Dave and the guys again.
The exciting finale to the Tuesday session in Reading is what has been dubbed "The Devil Run" The run, is basically uchi komi plus running. And it kills!

What Dave does is setup a normal mat area, then lay a couple of "lanes" of mats laid lengthwise extending from the edge of the main area to the far wall of the hall. We then do say 20 uchi komi (I started with Ippon Seoi Nage) then you run to the end of the lane and back 5 or so times, give or take Dave's sadistic leanings.
Then you do more uchi Komi, this time I got Te Gurumu. So yup lift that 90kg bloke, put him down and repeat till Dave gets bored and sends you running again.

Once you have done some more running, yup more uchi komi (more seoi nage for me thanks), then more running, them more Te Guruma, then more running.

We only did one set of this, this week. We did two sets last week, but I think Dave took pity on me. Probably he took pity on everyone elses eardrums as I was screaming loud to get those pickups done. I don't think anyone else makes as much noise as me... it's probably embarrassing if I think about it long enough.

Anyway, thanks to Dave and the guys for working me hard. It exactly what I need building up to the World Masters. I am building the ability to fight fatigued and hopefully improving the time it takes for me to be fatigued too. ;-)


Please remember to pop over to and get all the news in regard to the team, you can make a donation to the cause there as well.
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Back to training. 

Well, with the 2008 World Masters Judo Championships less than 2 months away it is good to have been back in the gym today.

I have joined a local Gym near where I live, I previous was a member of a small gym near the office, but am hoping that being closer to home it'll fit better with home life.

I haven't done any gym work since last year, so I am just doing a quite general programme for a few weeks to get the muscles back into the swing. I am focussing on upper body as that is where I am weakest. So only squats for the legs really, though I am doing some running and rowing also. Then for now it is simple lat pulldowns, chest press, shoulder press really. It's partially my wanting to start general and part the gym wanting to make sure everyone does a general programme. I'd love to argue the point, but I'm not in the shape to argue ;-)

I'd love to find a gym around here, but sadly none near by.

Anyway, my normal issues with blokes with big/massive biceps and delts and pot bellies. The downside of a general fitness gym. Sports gyms are so much better. If you are a body builder go to a body builders gym and leave the recreational gyms alone. You don't impress the ladies here sorry mate. And you don't impress anyone with a background in sport or training, if you want to do the big boy weights, and get the big body builder physique, go to a body builders gym and let them tear you apart.

Ah well, at least there was no one there who felt the need to wear a weights belt and gloves to work on the weights machines. ;-)

Finally, sorry to be such a begger, but it'd really appreciate it if you'd consider donating to the 2008 World Masters campaign. DONATE HERE Any donations go towards the whole team not just me. There are four of us going over and as you can imagine it is quite financially difficult to fly there, get accomodation, etc etc.

Better yet, we'd love to secure some corporate sponsors, if your firm would be interested please do contact me ( ).

for more info on the team and to stay up to date with the latest news try our new website over at

Thanks Lance

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