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Research - 2006 Commonwealth Judo Tournament 

I am pleased to announce that the initial summary statistical analysis I did of the 2006 Commonwealth Judo Tournament are now available.

Go to where some really great research on Judo is. Here is the direct link to the PDF.

The research is simple descriptive data, I am writing a much more detailed scientific report on the data, but it's been on the backburner for a while...sorry!

Here is a local copy

I am really happy that the research is on, it is probably the best Judo website out there. I have spent HOURS on that site, so it's nice to "pay something back" by providing some content for the site.

Anyway, please let me know if you see any errors, etc.

Comments welcomed!
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Instant Linux 

I found which is an interesting amalgamation of scripts and brains to install Linux on a pc running Windows without needing any media whatsoever, just a net connection.

I plan to give it a try, has anyone else seen it or tried it before.

P.s. I think comments are working now...maybe. :-)

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Speak like a Pirate day 

yeah, I know speak like a pirate day was the 19th, I am not a very devout follower of the FSM.

Anyway, heres my contribution to the campaign:

Save the planet, be a pirate!!

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Blog probs 

Okay I have sorted out a couple of small niggles with the blog to do with session information, please let me know if you see any problems.

My next step is to adapt the themes so as to make the blog fit the rest of the site layout. That is my next step.

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Blog Migration 

Hi all,

I am migrating to this new blog, I have added the posted from the bloglines blog to this one as an archive. ( )

I need to do some magic to move the feedburner feed etc.

If any posts are missing details and you want to see the original head back to Bloglines. I should point out that I am not moving from Bloglines for any bad reason, merely because I get too little data on who hits it, so moving back to the main site keeps things together.

Well, comments welcomed, etc.

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