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Podcast progress 

Hi all,
So... a podcast is looking more and more likely by the second. I am thinking about setting a Judo one up and have been playing with software. I also spoke to the guys from tonight about what they are doing over there, and that really helped encourage me.

Clever readers.

Forward me all your suggestions, tips, etc.
Specifically, tools for creating the podcast (I'm Mac primarily now, though I have WIndows on Bootcamp)
Also hosting, syndication, licensing, etc?

Help me out folks! :-)

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Great website. 

Okay, been looking at websites and designs, features etc a lot lately. Whats cool, whats not. What works what does not. - Terrific layout.
MS - ick

This morning, was (sadly) browsing around the web about lil Chris from the channel4 TV show "Rock School" and came across his official website.

Take a look at and take a look at a successful website with some great features.

Layout/colours... yuck to my aged eyes, but for the age group and for a "rocker" brilliant.
Blog of course and all the usual stuff.

But what makes it stand out to me.

1. His single
Okay the catalyst of browsing the web for him was hearing his song on the TV and going "Hey isn't that the wee fellah from that show with Gene Simmons"
So what happens when you hit his website, out blares the song in question, I knew I was in the right place. And that I needed to turn the speakers down! :-)

2. Him on the site - literally.
The animations are great, really clear, really really good. Really... " right" for the site. be sure to refresh the front page a couple of times to see all the animations.

3. Cursor
I almost missed this one completely! Make sure you float the mouse over the menu items at the top. ROCK ON!!!!

Excellent, not suitable for a corporate site obviously, but to me the whole site felt perfect;y aimed at the target audience, and the features were great, not too annoying, but enough to make you go "whoah thats cool"

Take a quick look over at the site and see if you agree.

Kudos (who did the site!

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Hi all,
so your turn to chime in.

I have been exploring the idea of a podcast? What do you think?
As research (or catlyst even) I have been listening to from the states.

So... what do people think of a podcast?

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Cory's new book 

Just browsing Amazon and noticed that Cory Doctorow's new book is on pre-order, WOOT! He's been talking about it for quite a while over on his podcast at

So, if you are like me and a fan, pre order now.
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"Throw Down" DVD 

The second of my recent DVD purchases "Throw Down", is a Chinese action film, about, and I quote:

"Ex-judo champion Sze-to (Louis Koo) mysteriously retires from the sport and becomes a pub manager until "Leather Jacket" Tony (Aaron Kwok), a spirited judo fighter, revitalizes his fighting desires and challenges him to a match. But there's more to win than just the champion title;"

Directed by Johnnie To, it is a tribute to Akira Kurasawa, and specifically the Sanshiro Sugata films. Some of the scenes in fact arde virtually identical. One of the Dojo scenes and a fight out in a cane field for example.

One thing I really enjoyed were some training scenes, which were them throwing each other and smiling all the while. Which to me felt like Johnnie To understood a little about Judo.
Of course this is a Chinese film and is kinda weird, and theres lots of laughs at the not too flash Judo on display. But it is a film, suspend your disbelief okay! :-)

I enjoyed it, but I enjoy Chinese cinema and anything remotely linked to Judo. Also, owning both the Sanshiro Sugata films, I enjoyed the references. Lastly you do get to here a couple of versions of what must be the Judo song I have been told about but never really pinned down. Of course it's sung not in English, so it could be something completely different.

Anyway, I enjoyed it and recommend it. So far the only place I found it on the web is on There is a trailer on that site, and their service to me here in the UK was great so given I've failed to find it on Amazon, give them a go.
Let me know if you have seen or do see the film.
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