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Special Judo Fitness Test 

Hi, just in preparation for the podcast entry which I hope to have only in the next half hour or so.

Here is a link to the video file of the test for you to watch and perhaps it will help you understand the tests methodology.

Heres the video file: Special Judo Fitness test.

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Windows 2003 - Phone Home! 

as many of you know I am not a fan of those folk in Redmond. To be frank the label "Evil Empire" is one I use more often than not.

I do appreciate the fact the Windoze has made computing really easy for all, I appreciate all the clever people in the company and lots of things that Micro$oft do.

What I do not appreciate is the way some tings happen with M$.

Take this example.

Windows 2003 server, an enterprise level operating system. Something you are more than likely to have in a secure environment right? Say one that is not connected to the Internet.

Which is a good idea and last week when I was setting up a server that is eaxactly what I had. And why am I bringing it up? Because I started getting stange errors in the event log. will show you the message and tells you why you get it.

The short of it is, W2K3 "phones home".
Now I am sure that there is a good and ethical reason for it. By the looks of it, all that is happening is WinDoze is downloading a text file that will be used for setting up crytographic services.


What if the site gets hacked? What if the way that text file is processed sucks and a clever cracker works out what code to put in that text file to publish all the data on that server to youtube?

Unlikely I know, but there was no dialog box asking if I wanted to go online and get this file. It just happened! My security is potentially compromised and my privacy too.

M$ presumably know how to track hits to a web page so would know the IP address of your server, they'd know when you accessed that file. And what if Johnny script-kiddy works out how to get that info? What if he then writes a script that portscans all those addresses looking for W2K3 vulnerabilities?

Why M$ didn't you give me some indication that you were going outside onto the web and doing this?
When else is this happening M$?
How would we know?


So... grumpy grumpy.

Thoughts folks?
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Podcast on its way. 

Hi all,
well, i have recorded (with Mike darter's crisis saving help) the interview with Stanislaw Sterkowicz.

It is really interesting and I hope to get it online tonight, tommorow, by the end of the weekend at worst! :-)

Stay tuned for some exciting domain related news.

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New new new 

Okay the new Dual Dual Core MacBook Pro laptops are out today. rendering my MacBook Pro obsolete :-(

FireFox 2 is (kinda) out today!
Fires up a lot faster, looks really good. WOOT!
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Hi everyone,

today I was accepted to join the Judo-Dan-IT discussion group.

here is the description of the group:

This forum/mailing list is for IT professionals with black belt in Judo. For ideas and discussion eg. how to better apply IT technology for Judo etc.

The Forum was started in Dec. 2005 only in Finnish. In Oct. 2006 the address and idea was spreaded to some English Judo forums hoping to reach more IT professionals.

Easiest way to get in is to send a message to
with short "CV" as well in the IT field as in Judo.

As yet I don't know what the group is up to, what it hopes to achieve, what it is doing, if I'll be a useful member.

A great idea though.

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