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"Dinky Do, Dinky Da" = O Goshi - Uchi Mata/Harai
Goshi/Hane Goshi.
I teach Uchi Mata to the kids with this system.
1. O Goshi.

1.1 Arm round the waist.
1.2 Turn your back to them, and bend your knees (so your "Butt" is between
their knees)

1.3 Rock forward, picking them up.
At this point I introduce "Dinky Do, Dinky Da"

Once they can pick up their partner, I tell them to hold them their while they
take one leg of the ground and wave it in the air while the say "Dinky do"
then they put that foot on the ground and wave the other foot "Dinky Da".

This teaches them to stay on balance on  both  feet  while  controlling  their
partner and how to balance on one foot.

It also helps with getting their hips in low enough.
2. Uchi Mata.

I continue with the "Dinky Do's" and the "Dinky  Da's" and then get them
rolling their partner over onto the ground. Once they all can do that, I tell

them to go "Dinky Do, Dinky Da,  Schawing!" (--As in the Waynes World

I.e. Dinky do - right foot, Dinky da - left foot, Schawing - leg up the middle
Uchi Mata style.

3. Once they can do this I show them and get them practising doing Harai
and Hane Goshi as well. All from the same beginning.

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