Great South Run 2005

This page features the results of our little clubs entrants in the 2005 Great SOuth Run, held on the 9th of October 2005.

Name Target time Race Number Wave Result Position
Colin Read 80m 3276 Orange 74m 1055
Colin Taylor 76m ? Orange 74m 1124
Sonia Rushby 80m ? ? 77m 1683
Graham Sinclair 80m 12128 Green 78m 1803
Malc Smith 80m ? Orange 83m 3105
Tina Moore ? ? Green 85m 3575
Claire Wood ? ? ? 94m 5947
Lance Wicks 120m 13140 Green 95m 6138
Theresa Read 105m 11614 Green 97m 6728
Moira Pidgeon 110m 11342 Green 102m 7751
Anthea Sinclair 120m 12127 Green 118m 8743
Gina Peters 105m 14147 Green 105m 8379
Laura Smith 120m ? Green 143m 10788
Sharon Smith 120m ? Green 146m 10860
Dee Atyeo 120m ? White
Sheila Drake 90m ? Green


I (Lance) took a miniture camera with me and snapped a picture every mile of the course... funnily enough I have lots of shots of nothing or of something but that are so blurry it's impossible to tell what they are, but here are a few that show something.

Pre start, Green wave folks.
On our way!
Go Moira go! Keep smiling! (about mile 2 or 3)
Lance about Mile 3 or 4

Lance wondering why he is here, Mile 6 or so

Almost there (about mile 9)
Finished, BBQ time!