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New Rules from the IJF... thoughts? 

Hi Everyone,
I have received copies of the proposed new rule changes that I gather are to be trialed at the 2008 Junior Worlds in Bangkok.

I could not find the information on the IJF website, so I can't post any links to the documents... sorry. I have some PDFs but shan't post them as I might get in trouble. :(

Anyway... here is a summary of what is going on, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments. I am also interested as to who's been consulted on these rule changes, if you were, let me know.

Yuko, Wazari, Ippon only.

Osae komi
Ippon - 20 seconds
Wazari - 15 seconds
Yuko - 10 seconds.

Golden Score
Golden score will be only 3 minutes.

Border line rules
All the actions are valid and may continue (no Mate) as long as either contestant has some part of their body touching the contest area. (Similar criteria than in Ne-waza).


refusal of Kumi kata grasp - Shido.
When gripping the player seeking to grip is safe, the one "Preventing the grip" will be given Shido.

block by Kumi kata by repulsing - Shido
If you block your opponents attacks by pushing with the arms - Shido.

blocking by kumi kata with crushing - Shido
If you dominate the grip and prevent the other player attacking, pulling them doy. Shido.

excessive defensive posture - shido
Defending by basically bending in half, preventing your opponent form attacking. Shido.

grasp of trousers - Shido
Grabbing the trousers to attack or defend, shido.

False Attacks:
Sutemi - shido
Dropping into a sutemi attack without breaking the opponents balance. If there in no "intention to action or projection" Shido.

with the knee - shido
Dropping onto the knees (drop seoi) without unbalancing or intention of projection.

My initial thoughts are this...
Koka is gone, will this mean that small throws go without score, or will Yuko become the new Koka?

Osae Komi duration... shorter shorter shorter. The moment the duration was changed from 30 seconds to 25 I knew it would eventually become 20. So the question is where does it stop? And do we want to further shorten ne waza when MMA is full of ne waza and is growing so fast?

Kumi kata penalties. Well we'll see, maybe they are going to prevent excessive gripping and negative play... maybe.

Penalties for "flop n drop" seoi. Well it was there already, but being highlighted is probably good. Ditto for the penalty for dropping into sutemi waza with no intention of throwing.
These two I suspect are designed to "manage" the strategic play of Judoka who are up on points. A specific example would be the Fallon vs. Paischer match in Beijing. In that match Paischer played an excellent strategic match, dropping into a sumi gaeshi-like position over and over, preventing Craig Fallon from getting into the fight and securing him the win.

Hopefully these rule changes are designed to, and will help promote more positive throwing Judo. Of course as an old friend said via Facebook recently:
"...the reason the rules change is nothing to do with the progress of judo but rather to justify people meeting on a regular basis on expenses paid by members what would be the point of them meeting if they did not change the rules..."

Time will tell I suppose, please do comment on these rule changes and let me know what you think.


UPDATE: October 21 2008
I have posted a podcast you can listen to on this subject over at


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