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Bath University, Year 3 Day 6 

Hi All,
Well an interesting day here in University of Bath. Started with a lecture from Nick Willsmer which was very good. he got all "Good Will Hunting" on us and was standing on tables. :)
Nick is also in my good books as he agreed and took a look at the outline of my 2000 word assignment on Strength and Conditioning. He also discussed the assignment with me last week and really helped me get started. One of Nick's strengths (along with being really willing to help generally) is that he's tried Judo so has some knowledge of the sport which helps as he knows what it is like to get bashed by a Japanese player! It also helps him help us bring theory into application in Judo for the assignemnts.

We were rather physical today. The morning had a Ne-Waza session with Juergen Klinger. It was interesting as it was so simple, all about holding people down via the securing the hips and shoulders. Basic "kids stuff", but you know what thats what Judo is like sometimes. After you've been through the basics and learnt all the tricks and sophisticated moves, you end up coming back to basics you learnt when you started. I'm no ne-waza legend, but I know I have been returning to Osae-Komi. Last year I bought the Len Hunt DVD from The Kano Society, again basic Judo osae-komi waza, but I remember trying it in a Randori or two and being impressed by how darn effective Len's basic position and strategies were.

In the afternoon we finally got to our practical session on Olympic Lifting, which is important as we'll be coaching one another in a assessment assignment later this week.
Given I have never done Olympic Lifts before I have been rather concerned about this assignment as I've been raised with the strict rule that you don't do Olympic Lifting as it is a complex and sophisticated sport with great risk of injury (take a look at the stats one day, I dare you) and as such I'm really struggling to get my head around this idea that we'll be coaching others on it this week. Weird, I am not entirely sure what the assignment is supposed gto be proving/assessing really. It's part of our strength and conditioning work, so it I would have argued is not about our coaching skills rather our knowledge of strength and conditioning, but what level of knowledge are we expected to have from two sessions? We have a written assignment on Olympic Lifting also, which is a better vehicle I suppose.

It was good to discuss with our lecturer (Kate Eddy) after the lectures, what the relevance/application was to Judo with my fellow students. Also to discuss the general state of Strength & Conditioning coaching and some of the trends in it. Still not 100% happy with this module. Happier now and happier that Olympic Lifts MIGHT be part of a Judo athletes programme having discussed it outside of class with Kate. Olympic lifting seems to be all the rage and I think I have been worried that it is just gym fashion rather than something that is being included due to some deeper thought.

Well, there you have it, year three, day six.
Hoping that with Nicks kind help my assignemnts will be up to scratch and I'll get the grades required at the end of this year to attend the proposed top-up year next year, which I gather is a honours year or a BSC or something. Not that it matters really, I just want to keep coming back here and gaining personally from the brain strain. :)

P.s. Happy Birthday to my kids!

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