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University of Bath, Judo BSc. Block 2, Day 8. 

Today was a day of two halves really, the first was our first assessment of the block, the Viva that I mentioned yesterday. Basically, how it worked out was that I watched a full fight, in my case the fight between Teddy Riner and Kosei Inoue at the Rio World Champs.
I then left the room and a little while later sat down with World champions Jane Bridge and Emanuela Pierantozzi and I had to describe the fight to them. So I had to describe the players, the strategies, the tactics, the grips, the attacks, etc.
They then leveled a series of questions at me and we discussed the various aspects of the fight.

The second part of the day was our whole year group working on our group assignment, which is a website about performance Judo structures. It was really interesting to be involved and engaged with everyone working together on one project but in small subset groups.

It was in fact almost exactly what I had hoped for at the EJU Seminar, it had that "Hackday" feel. Everyone was working away in pairs or small groups and moving between the groups checking that what they were working on would match up with what the whole group was producing.


Anyway... Judo debate is tomorrow and lots of work so I had better keep this short.
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