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Judo kata for desk based RSI type problems. 

I have not done "proper" judo since March 2020, due to COVID-19. I work from home as a software developer.

Why am I telling you this? Because typing all day at a desk can be really hard of your shoulders (well my shoulders and specifically my left shoulder).

One thing I have been doing for the duration of the pandemic is the Seiryoku-Zenyo-Kokumin-Taiiku Kata; at least the Tandoku-renshu (solo) section.

I think that the Italian Judo federation perhaps promoted the kata during the lockdowns, because there are lots of videos from Italy. The specific one I have used, a lot, is this one:

The range of motion is really good. It's really quite good at loosening my shoulder. It's almost like it was developed as a form of physical therapy/education. ;-)

Interestingly, when I had issues with my shoulder a few years ago the physio gave me a series of exercises that are very similar in motion to the kata.Shoulders and neck and spine.

I did try learning Tai Chi... but damn Tai Chi is complicated. Much less repetition than I expected, a long stream of movements. It did not click with me. Qigong was much easier... but it's not Judo. :-)

I can recommend giving the SZKT kata a try.

The video above is really good (I found it to be so anyway), but there are lots of others.

Definitely watch the one linked to from the Kodokan:

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