This is the Judo blog of Lance Wicks. In this blog I cover mainly Judo and related topics. My Personal blog is over at where I cover more geeky topics. Please do leave comments on what you read or use the Contact Me form to send me an email with your thoughts and ideas.

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Podcast errors 

Hi podcast listeners, just a quick note to say that yes I am aware that there are error messages appearing on the podcast page.

It's a new thing, not actually affecting the podcast except getting in the way, you can still listen and subscribe, honest!

I am working to sort out why I am getting the error, so bear with me.

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Podcast progress 

So, I've just kicked off working on the podcast again, and wow talk about great response!

I dropped a few emails out to people I have been in contact with or meaning to contact and POW pretty much everyone of them has replied back saying they'll come on the podcast!

I don't want to say exactly who until I've actually recorded the sessions, but rest assured that there are some great folk on the list. Ranging from high level competitors to professional schools coaches, excellent people.

Still trying to expand the range outside the UK, which is slowly happening, so please please do get in touch if you are, or know someone who might be good on the podcast.


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Judo posts shall come soon...honest. 

Till some Judo posts arrive please sit back and enjoy WC Fields showing that I need to practise my juggling more!

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Welcome to 2007, Star Wars rulez! 

Welcome back, lots happening this year but here is something light to start the year, Star Wars the silent Movie!

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Odds & Sods 

Well, a big quiet spell, mainly work related.
Lots of interesting things have been happening and in the pipeline for 2007, but REALLY looking forward to a week of next week.

In other geek related topics, lots of fun things on the go.
If you are just subscribed to the RSS, take a look at the website

On the righthand side I've added some new toys.

First a Traineo button, watch my weight loss challenge. Traineo is by the way a terrific web application take a look over at

I've put a button for underneath also. I've been a paying user of Last.Fm for a long while and love it. Now you can see what tunes I've been listening to. button is next. Which I notice today is a bit neglected. Joes goals is another interesting web app, helps you monitor how you are getting on goals-wise.

Down near the bottom, but probably moving upwards is mt button. Now twitter is one of those things thats got a buzz about it. It's kinda like a mini-blog thingee. You basically shot really short messages at it from the website, my dshboard widget, SMS message or via a IM client.

I really recommend taking a look at all the buttons, click on the buttons and look at the applications. Let me know what you discover, what you think, etc.


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