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Blogging my training... where? 

So here is the public "announcement", so to speak. I am planning to compete in the 2008 World Masters in Belgium next year. And as such, I have started training! :)

I am thinking/planning on blogging about my training. I need some advice, where should I blog about it? Here on or over at ?

I'm not sure what format the blogging will take, or if it will be interesting to anyone other than me.

Anyway.. so please comment or email me ( with your suggestions, do I blog my training here or on ?

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WEBCAST: University of Bath, Judo Debate 2007 

I am pleased to day that the video of the 2007 University of Bath Judo Debate is now online. The debate is about the use of video playback to assist referees in Judo.

It is well argued by both teams and is an enjoyable debate. It is quite long so grab a beer and some popcorn and settle in.

Both debate are available from and the 2007 debate is available at ... ebate.html

If you have a website and or blog, please do post about the debate. Thanks.

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Debate video is on it's way. 

The video footage of this years Judo debate at University of Bath has arrived at my house (thanks Simon).

So I shall be trying to get that online this weekend, or next week at least. It was a great debate on if video playback should be allowed to help the referees, I shall post when it is up.

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Oh go on, join facebook. 

Lance Wicks's Facebook profile

Okay Facebook is all powerful and I am feeling inadequate as I have too few friends. So, all those folks who know me and have a facebook account, make me a friend.

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Judo on the History Channel (USA) 

As posted by yudo over on the

Judo is featuring on the history channel show Human Weapon this Friday evening, hopefully it might make it over here to the UK soon.

All you lucky folks in the USA, please let me know if you watch it and what you think of it.
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