Bath University
2006 Judo Debate
Above is a video of the full debate, including the speakers: Jim Toland, Matt Divall, Danny Murphy,  Densign White, Steve Gawthorpe and Simon Hicks.

This debate is on the proposition “This house believes that there should be more NeWaza in Judo”.

The debate was put together in 4 days by the students of the first intake of the Judo FDSC course at University of Bath. The team was:
The Team

Coordinator: Dave Duffy.
Compere: Daniel Lascau.
Speakers: For - Jim Toland & Matt Divall
 Against - Danny Murphy & Densign White.
Guest speakers: For - Steve Gawthorpe 
Against - Simon Hicks
Guest speakers sourced by Nigel Thomson & Chris Doherty.
Researchers: For - Dave Burge & Marcon Bezzina Against - Bob Challis & Alex Bezzina.
Facilities: Simon Ward.
Audio visuals/IT: Lance Wicks.
Audience: Carlos Carbonell & Mike Pring.
Event Programme: Russell Brown & Mark Conway.
Sales: Steve Clarke.
Catering: Joyce Malley.
Administration: Steve Withers.
Video/DVD: Tony Higgins. NEWAZA, yes or No?